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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wants and Needs

Yeah for Debt Challenge #2! This week we are taking a look at our wants and needs. We all know that a want is something that we don't need to survive. Wants are what make life fun and interesting and what we like to spoil each other with. A  need is something we have to have in order to function and survive. Writing a list of both things will help you be more aware of what really is a necessity when it comes to spending money. In case you are having a tough time figuring out what goes in each column, here is a list to help get you rolling.

Fast Food
Cable TV
Data phone plans
High Speed Internet
Designer clothes
Video Games

Healthy Food
A place to live
Safe shoes

You are probably thinking, "these guys are crazy". We are not asking you to get rid of all your wants this week...we'll get to that later! :) Making a list will get you thinking what is really important.


  1. Isn't it so interesting how much you think you "need", but when you write it out suddenly it's not so justifiable anymore. Lovely post, I believe I'll go pin it now ;)

  2. I totally agree! Today, I was lost in this abiss of doctors offices and I kept thinking....oh I wish I had a data plan on my phone. Then it dawned on me to get out of my car and go into another office and ask them where it was. Duh!

    She was so nice about it. She even walked away from her desk, came outside and pointed me in the right direction.

  3. Indeed...these days we forget so quickly what's really necessities and what isn't. This has definitely been a good reminder for me!

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  5. That's some fancy list you got there to be debt-free in no time! I have also come up with some ways to get myself debt-free. Here are some additional tips you might want to consider: 1: always use cash instead of your credit card, 2: cook your own food instead of buying outside, 3: only use your car if totally necessary, 4: see to it that your insurances are covered. How about you? By the way, I learned a lot from your list.

    Allan Morais

  6. Your blog post made me smile. Now, I can say that what I’m doing is just pretty normal and HANDY. Hahaha! Like you, I usually create a list of my needs and wants. I’m serious about it! But, some of my friends think that I’m a bit weird for having a list like that. Well, if you really want to stay on the track on spending money, you should really try doing what I do. It’s very helpful!

    Jaden Allred