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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Let's Get The Debt Free Party Started!

Sherrie and Adrianne

Welcome everyone!  We are passionate about getting out of debt.  Why should you be debt free?  The most simple answer is this:  Freedom!  When you are debt free, emergencies are lighter, life is lighter, your shoulders are lighter...I think you're getting the point. 

Maybe you've just thought about it and don't know where to begin.  Take a look at our suggested reading over in the right side bar.  If you are working on baby steps (Dave Ramsey terminology), then this is a great place to be!  We are trying to make working at being debt free fun.  Having support and shoulders to lean on when it gets hard can be found right here with us. 

Each Monday we will be giving you debt challenges for you to work on for the week. These challenges will include ways to help you reduce your debt and put money back into your budget.  Challenges are meant to stretch your thinking and ability to make choices that seem like they have little effect on your finances, but the truth is they do!

Each Saturday and/or Sunday you can pop in and leave a comment on how you did on the debt challenge. As you leave comments each week, we will enter you into a drawing for a monthly giveaway. WooHoo!! Join the debt free challenge and work to get you and your family out of debt!

Make sure to follow us with the widget or by email so that you get the latest challenges.  Thanks for doing this with us.  We all need a little motivation to do what we should be doing every day.  Don't forget to watch the video on the side bar too...we have a little bit of a sense of humor about it-you should too!

Sherrie and Adrianne


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