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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Business Ideas

Do you have the desire to make extra income, but are having a hard time coming up with an idea? Take a look at what you love to do or what you are good at, write them down and find a way to market it. You may be surprised that your great delicious desserts could turn into a successful business. If you still need a little extra help coming up with an idea, here are some to get you rolling.

Teach Piano Lessons
Teach Art Lessons
Teach Guitar Lessons
Be a Tutor
Start a Food Blog
Source: Google Images
Write a Cook BookSell Paparazzi Jewelry
Teach Pre-school from home
Teach Private Swimming Lessons
Mow Lawns or do Yard Work
Wood Working
Sew and sell items online
Make Sewing Patterns
Seasonal Sprinkler Blowouts
Christmas Light Hanging
Summer Kids Camp
A How To Blog
DIY Blog


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